Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019
Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019, 16:48
Currently, Germany tops Vietnam’s importers in the European Union.
Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019, 12:17
As adapting to the digital age, Vietnam is advised to learn the Nordic society model which focuses on both transforming into a modern pattern and maintaining social welfare.
Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019, 07:17
As of September 2016, the World Bank had provided US$22.5 billion in grants, credits and concessional loans to Vietnam.
Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019, 11:12
Vietnam is negotiating with the UN to substitute the UK’s military engineering team in UN Peacekeeping Mission in February 2020.
Monday, 18 Feb 2019, 16:18
With such a rapid growth rate, until the 40s of the 21st century, about 50% of Vietnam's population will live in urban areas.
Saturday, 16 Feb 2019, 17:11
The police chief orders criminal police to take patrol from 23:00 pm to 5:00 am through 96 patrol teams while transport police are asked to ensure traffic safety.
Friday, 15 Feb 2019, 08:04
The Mongolian people inherit from the legacy and make efforts to build up the warm bilateral relations.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 16:54
Both online and direct reservations are unable to be made as advanced booking packed dozens of luxury hotels days ago.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 10:57
Ambassador of Ukraine to Vietnam Oleksiy Shovkoplias has taken office as the head of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Vietnam for eight years and a half. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, he talks with Hanoitimes on bilateral relations as well as the role played by Ukrainians in Hanoi and the Vietnamese businesspeople who started up in the East European country.
Thursday, 14 Feb 2019, 09:20
Hanoi is willing to contribute to the progress which is encouraged to be made through dialogues.
Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019, 09:58
Ahead of the summit, Vietnam’s reform model has been widely touted as the economic path for impoverished and isolated North Korea to follow.
Sunday, 10 Feb 2019, 12:41
Vietnam now know and, more importantly, believe they can win.
Saturday, 09 Feb 2019, 09:30
Vietnam is considered an ideal location for the summit as the country has created an “economic miracle” after three decades of opening-up and renovation and has become a trusted partner of the US after more than two decades of normalized ties.
Wednesday, 06 Feb 2019, 15:35
Vietnam’s geographic proximity to North Korea, the country’s economic success after the normalization of diplomatic ties with the United States, and its neutral stance are factors behind its being chosen as the venue for the next summit.
Wednesday, 06 Feb 2019, 10:25
Indian Ambassador to Vietnam Parvathaneni Harish said that he enjoyed shopping at Tet markets in Hanoi where unique traditional handicrafts, ceramic and brass items from various provinces are sold and these are not available during the rest of the year.
Tuesday, 05 Feb 2019, 22:40
T?t is a time to reflect on the past year, celebrate new beginnings, and look forward to the coming of spring.
Tuesday, 05 Feb 2019, 18:42
Vietnam’s population is greying as the percentage of over 60s is set to jump to 21% of the population in 2040, up from 12% today.
Tuesday, 05 Feb 2019, 09:42
I would like to wish the people of Vietnam a wonderful Tet celebration with family and friends. I know that Tet celebrations also mean that many travel far and wide to reunite with family and loved ones. Whether travelling or not, I wish all Vietnamese a safe and joyous holiday.
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